Want Your Garden Redesigned for the Oncoming Summer?

What Exactly Does a Landscape Designer Do?

A landscape designer make functional areas, like parkways, public gardens, etc. that are not only beautiful, but harmonious with nature also. They embellish the landscape using items as ornaments, structures, walkways and other trimmings. They could work on residential or commercial job, or use their talents to both. Construction firms and government agencies usually employ these types of designers. A large number of individuals within this professional are usually self-employed.

drivewayBefore they prepare drawing, they will develop a proposal for their client. They will first inspect the property to determine factors which could impact their design recommendations. The factors they are normally concerned with will be such things as soil type, in addition to any pre-existing plants and trees which should stay, and which have to be removed. Their analysis will include how much sunlight the garden will receive all year round, and if artificial lighting can be used. Should there be structures in place, they often note what architectural style they are, to ensure their concepts do not clash with, or disrupt the flow of the overall perception of a garden.

Once the inspection is finished, the landscape designer will then draw up a rough design of their vision, based upon the needs expressed by their client. The preliminary drawing will be accompanied by specifications on the geographic size and lay of the garden. These provisions will include any rises and valleys, in addition to any pre-existing paths, over and under utility lines etc.

Along with this preliminary design, they usually offer a detailed price on project costs. The financial plan usually includes choices which can be added or taken away without causing any significant impacts on the outcome of the project. A timeline on the project is normally given to their client, along with the costs.

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